Natasha Boyes Photo


On Interior Photography


I've been a follower of most things interior design for the last few years. I love the challenge of capturing a space, beginning a dialogue between it and the camera and ultimately capturing a little of the soul that's been placed there by those who've crafted it - both the interior designers and each single contribution, furnishing by furnishing. It's a culmination of so many hands. I think that's why I particularly love it, because it's a curation of impressions by many.

With this passion I'd like to continue building my interior photography portfolio. Using a little creative drive to tell the stories of a space lived in by another, crafted by the many and brought together by a few. 

Interior photography is a portrait of place and a passion I'd like to pursue. 




Below is a collection of images from my interior photography portfolio for projects with Marchini Curran Interiors + Lulu & Nat.