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How to Prepare for your Photoshoot

So you've booked a photoshoot, you've got a date in the diary and the location/studio is sorted. 

What now? 

I'm asked a lot how to prepare and what to expect at a photoshoot. Most often, what to bring, what my process is and really...just how does this work? 

Whilst I can't answer for anyone else, I figured it'd be helpful to have a breakdown on what I do, how I work and how you can prepare for a shoot. This is mostly applicable to smaller teams and individuals, especially those who aren't sure what to expect.  

I really hope this post is helpful. If you have any questions at all just comment below or send a quick email to, I'd be delighted to chat through things in more detail with you.

And so...



How to Prepare for your Photoshoot

By this point you've booked, perhaps it's portraiture, a behind the scenes brand shoot or a styled lifestyle shoot of your latest collections. Whatever it is the process is mostly the same, just the content differs. Whatever it might be, there will be a little preparation before the day of the photoshoot. 

Firstly, I'm available throughout the whole preparation process, be it for quick phone calls, styling advice, model calls, or to hire props from. Because of my background and experience I can offer a number of surrounding elements to a photoshoot - including creative direction, if you're in need of some support. Take a look at a Collaborative Shoot to see a photoshoot I have recently creatively directed and shot. 

Regardless of what the shoot is for, I always recommend you: 

  • Look for inspiration, be it putting together a mood board (digitally or otherwise - Pinterest makes this really easy if you're strapped for time) or compiling a collection of related items that particularly inspire you. 
  • If you have specific images in mind that you'd like, make a list (called a shot list) describing each image. This is usually a framework used at a photoshoot, to refer to and to make sure nothing is missed. At some stage in the process I'll request your version of the shot list and we'll chat about it in more detail. 
  • If you have exact places and crops for the images (such as banner images for websites, square images for social media or whether you need specifically portrait or landscape) make a list of dimensions and locations. This will be especially helpful for you when the images have been delivered.
  • If you're going to be photographed be prepared with outfit changes, hair accessories and makeup. This is especially true for portraiture and behind the scenes shoots. Also a top tip, clothing with texture is particularly good for portraiture - so lace, a knitted jumper, leather and collared shirts for example. Bring a selection for us to look through on the day. 
  • If it's a styled shoot make sure you've organised your collections and pre-selected each look. Bring everything together - props, outfits, makeup and hair looks, mood board, chosen locations etc. Organisation is key in this instance, whether it's just you or you're in a team this bit really is crucial. For those experienced in this you'll know fine detail and preparation is vital! 
  • Share all your ideas, hopes and anything you might be concerned about. Keeping each other in the loop is so important. If you're not usually comfortable in front of a camera, or you're really hoping for a particular outcome, share it all! Communicating well makes the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone involved and will yield better results.

Mostly, enjoy the process of preparation! A photoshoot is a wonderful opportunity to capture and tell a unique story, and I'm available to support and prepare with you (with a few added extras on my preparatory plate...!)