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Real Impression : Måuudhi

This month we're looking at and chatting to Stuart, creator of Måuudhi magazine. Måuudhi is a design based magazine, combining it's beautiful minimalist pages with thought provoking topics and studies of craft and design. Stuart tells us about his journey with Måuudhi and beyond, as an entrepreneur who has experienced the highs and lows of starting something from the ground up. There's certainly something to learn from his bravery and decision to throw himself in at the deep end! 

As ever, for those just joining and wondering what this is: 

Real Impression is a monthly series combining portraits capturing person and craft, alongside interview style chats about the realities of starting something from the ground up. From the perspective of artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and the like, 'Real Impressions' aims to be authentic, tell stories, create community and give insight and support for those during the daily grind. 

For those wanting to learn more about Måuudhi, visit their website and follow them on Instagram



How would you describe where you are now, and how you came to be here?

It all started with an idea I had around December 2016. I launched my Instagram account as a feed of inspiration, sharing intriguing design. From there the following grew and at that point I realised there was an audience that wanted to follow what I was doing. It was time to create the magazine. Issue one has been out for a while now, I have learned a lot and now thoughts are going into issue two. Who knows what the future holds?!


What motivates and inspires you?

I find motivation in the thought of inspiring others, giving them a platform where they are able to find creations and the processes behind them. Inspiration is everywhere, whether it is in music you hear, items you see, the food we eat and pretty much everything in day to day life. I love minimalism, I find it so clean, crisp and to the point. The key to minimalism is quality and that is what I find my inspiration in.


What are the biggest hurdles to building your brand and how have you overcome them?

Throughout the entire journey there have been hurdles. I personally have struggled with a thing called panic disorder, it left me stuck in my bedroom for about 2 years of my life. I have learned to deal with it but sometimes it can be a real hurdle, say with press based things or meetings etc as my mind can wander and be it's own worst enemy.



What are your hopes for the future?

I would like to expand the brand in new ways so that it is more interactive for the end user. I would like to also step into producing our own homewares and fashion ranges. I also have a few side projects that I am working on within the Nottinghamshire area that I will hopefully be able to reveal soon.


What advice would you give to those embarking on their (and their brands) journey?

Throw yourself in at the deep end. I know way to many people that sit planning for years and years and never do it, it is all about seizing the opportunities that are put in front of you. You will learn and you will progress, it may be hard throwing yourself in at the deep end but you will learn to swim I promise you. Make sure you have a plan but don’t have it set in stone. A lot can change when running a business and your brand must change with it. Adaptability is key!


How do you define success?

I feel for me personally, success may always be hard to reach as I always aspire to do more and to be more. I look back at a project and see them as either a success or a failure and then use that knowledge to push the next project in the right direction. I guess success for me would be leaving a legacy, in some way, helping the human race with their future and being remembered for that.

Natasha Boyes