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On Working with Small Businesses

Having started my career working within small businesses and being married to an entrepreneur, I have a certain love for both. 

Recently I've worked with a number of small or independent businesses photographing what they get up to behind the scenes. The realities of their working day, captured to share on their social media, website or in marketing campaigns. Not only is it an exceptionally enjoyable photoshoot for me, as I admit I'm a little nosy and to see what normally happens behind closed doors is entirely fascinating, but it brings our humanness to the fore. The truth that we're all working towards creating something unique, something that sets us and our work apart, is beautiful to capture on camera. The hard work, determination, joy, creativity, struggle and love for what they do all pours into each image. 

Getting to know the person behind the business is also a privilege. It's an honour to share in the journey and ultimately, to capture the essence of them as a person and the business they've so lovingly created. I've often chatted with various clients about how they're carving out their own path, working towards changing the landscape of their sector for the better, determined to be the very best they can be. 

When I work with a small business, I like to meet in their workplace, I bring coffee and I listen to where they came from, where they're aiming for and how they hope to get there. I just listen. I ask about the light in their workspace. I ask about what they do in a normal day. I ask them what they'd like to say to people who come into contact with their business. 

At the shoot, which usually lasts a few hours, most people begin by saying they're going to feel awkward. Though they never do, because they quickly relax into the rhythm of their day and their craft - I just disappear. We chat or we're quiet, I enjoy both. 

I thoroughly enjoy working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives and independents and so I've added a section to my portfolio section entitled 'brands / behind the scenes'. Take a look to see a selection of images from a selection of recent shoots. 

If you're a small business and you'd like to chat about capturing your craft contact me here or call me on +447964696911.